Community Applications

Nepali Patro

Nepali Patro is a calendar app which is available on multiple platforms. It helps users to keep track of Nepali Festivals, dates, events, Panchanga, horoscope, subha saits etc. NepaliPatro is available in Android, iOS and Web.

Times of Nepal

Never read any article twice and Never miss anything either. Built with an advanced technology, Times Of Nepal serves you with the top articles that summarizes the recent happenings in Nepal. This App serves news based on user’s interest. Moreover, App Users won’t have to be worried about the reliability of the articles as Times Of Nepal has integrated news from most reliable sources. This App is available in iOS, android and Web.

Nepal Stock

A stock portfolio tracking mobile app, one of the latest app from our company is getting a high appraisal from the users.

Nepali Keyboard

Nepali Keyboard is a keyboard app that can be used to type Nepali text in Mobile. It supports Phonetics, Romanized and Traditional layout. It is available both in iOS and Android.

Nepal Streams

A very useful Multi-purpose app with Radio, News, Bullion, and more for people with different interests.

Nepali Unit Converter

Unit converter App is an App that helps to convert standard units to Local units and vice versa. Example – Square foot to Aana, Ropani etc.

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