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Mobile App Developer

Job Description:

  1. Design and Develop iOS/ Android and hybrid mobile applications.
  2. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to analyze, design, and deliver new features.
  3. Fully responsible for mobile app development in the team.
  4. Build and publish applications in the play store and app store, TV.
  5. Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of the application.
  6. Mentors and Leads the mobile developers to build an architecturally sustainable codebase that delivers a high-quality experience.
  7. Answers team member questions, helps with team member problems, and oversees team member work for quality and guideline compliance.
  8. Continuously learn new technology, libraries, and frameworks as well as share your knowledge with the team.

Job Requirements:

  1. 4+ years of mobile application development experience with at least two apps that are on the app store or play store that you are proud to discuss with us.
  2. Having a healthy GitHub profile, contributing to open source, and having at least one maintained open source project is preferable.
  3. Proficient with the languages, tools, and frameworks core to iOS or Android development (or both), including XCode, Android Studio, Swift, Kotlin. Knowledge of two platforms is preferable.
  4. 1.5+ years experience in Flutter with solid knowledge on state management, threading, platform channels, error handling, debugging, and scaling large applications.
  5. Good to have some experience in React Native or some other hybrid platform.
  6. Experience with RESTful APIs, GraphQL, ORM, and databases.
  7. Good knowledge of Clean Architecture, MVVM BLOC, etc.
  8. Experience in Android Jetpack libraries such as Hilt, Architecture components, and others.
  9. Experience in developing apps for Android TV platforms is a big plus i.e developing apps with Remote navigation using frameworks such as Leanback.
  10. Knowledge of threading in mobile app development such as Kotlin Coroutine, Flutter Isolate, and iOS DispatchQueue. At least two preferable among the three.
  11. Experience with Firebase services such as Firestore, Cloud function, FCM, Analytics, Testlab, remote config, authentication is preferable.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • Design and implement build, deployment, and configuration management
  • Test implemented designs
  • Build and test automation tools for infrastructure provisioning
  • Handle code deployments in all environments
  • Monitor metrics and develop ways to improve
  • Provide technical guidance and educate team members and coworkers on development and operations
  • Brainstorm for new ideas and ways to improve development delivery
  • Consult with peers for feedback during testing stages
  • Build, maintain, and monitor configuration standards
  • Maintain day-to-day management and administration of projects
  • Manage CI and CD tools with team
  • Document and design various processes; update existing processes
  • Improve infrastructure development and application development DevOps

Must have:-

  • High school degree or equivalent; bachelor’s degree in CS, engineering, software engineering, or related field
  • Previous experience with software development, infrastructure development, or development and operations
  • Experience with Linux infrastructures, database SQL, CI/CD tools, scripting such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, Scrum/Kanban, Agile workflow methodologies
  • Up-to-date on the latest industry trends; able to articulate trends and potential clearly and confidently


  • Flexible and creative working environment
  • Training and development programs
  • Attractive salary to match your performance
  • Medical and Accidental Insurance
  • Internet and NETTV
  • SIM Allowance
  • Free lunch/snacks/tea
  • 5 days a week.
  • Festival Bonus
  • Refreshment Parties and Outings

Frontend Development Engineer

– Planning, implementing and maintaining the structure and design of web pages and applications.
– Conceptualizing creative ideas.
– Establishing and implementing design guidelines, standards and best practices.
– Maintain user friendly and consistency in design and development.
– Communicating design ideas using user flows, process flows, site maps and wireframes.
– Ensuring user experience aware design choices.
– Developing features to enhance the user experience.
– Maintain balance between functional and aesthetic design.
– Ensuring responsive and optimized design/development for desktop, smart phones , tablets, etc.
– Developing or validating test routines and schedules to ensure that test cases mimic external interfaces and address all browser and device types.
– Building reusable and maintainable code for future use.
– Optimizing web pages for maximum speed and scalability.
– Maintaining an understanding of the latest developments and updates in the related field.
– Conferring with teams to resolve conflicts, prioritize needs, develop content criteria, or choose solutions.
– Determining user needs by analyzing technical requirements.
– Maintaining brand consistency.

Job Description:

  1. Design, Develop & implement new software development projects
  2. Support, update and maintain the functionality of existing internal applications and software
  3. Software development from the initial specification, through to developing, testing and launching
  4. R & D and implement new services, applications, and technologies.
  5. Work as a part of the team to in planning, designing and the development of the product, improvements, and the new features
  6. Assist the juniors for troubleshooting and maintaining the change log for future reference
  7. Communicate with the client through e-mail to understand requirements and discuss possible solutions
  8. Perform related jobs & responsibilities assigned by supervisor/HOD.
  9. Write test cases & perform extensive self-testing.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising or Marketing
  • 2 Years’ Experience in Marketing


  • Strong Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Self-Motivated
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Strong Attention to Detail, SEO, PPC, Google AdWords, Content Management Systems, Social Media manage, Microsoft Office

Digital Marketing Job Duties:

  • Develop and implement SEO and PPC strategies
  • Create and manage link building strategies, content marketing strategies, and social media presences
  • Innovate and present new marketing platforms and strategies
  • Develop engaging online content including clickbait, forums, videos, graphics, and blogs; monitor and analysis content success
  • Forecast marketing campaign growth and ROI for marketing campaigns
  • Manage email and social media marketing campaigns
  • Help to create unique and engaging content
  • Use Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other relevant sites
  • Develop and manage projects adhering closely to deadlines and to budget, developing and revising ideas, and implementing projects
  • Keep abreast of new social media sites, web technologies, and digital marketing trends; implement new technologies in developing campaigns and update current campaigns to include new information
  • Contributes information, ideas, and research to help develop marketing strategies
  • Creates and presents regular performance reports for managers and executive

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